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The ECC Group is an organization of Personal Financial Advisors that provides the most ethical, comprehensive and high quality financial advice and service to individuals and families.



"Our Investment Advice Adds Value"

  • Investment advice should be given within the context of a total financial plan.
  • Asset mix is the single most important factor in determining your overall rate of return.
  • Return on investment will be maximized if money is professionally managed.
  • A balanced portfolio will hold a variety of investment vehicles that are diversified by:
a) Investment type: stocks, bonds, real estate and mortgages
b) Geographical distribution: Canada and International
c) Investment style: growth, value, small cap
d) Length of time to maturity on debt instruments (bonds, GIC=s)
e) Managers
  • In the long run, equity investments will outperform bonds, which in turn will outperform cash. However, at any given time, one class of assets may outperform another class. But it is unlikely that all classes of assets will perform strongly or poorly at once in a given timeframe.
  • It is normal for share values and stock markets to fluctuate; market timing is not normally appropriate and often turns investing into speculation.
  • The best results are obtained from managers who specialize in choosing good companies and who minimize their attention to market fluctuations.
  • To create wealth, clients need a long-term, systematic approach to accumulating,holding and managing assets.
  • We believe in building long term relationships with our clients.
  • Investors should be comfortable with their investments, understand their investment mix and should have a reasonable expectation as to return. We believe that realistic expectations can best be achieved by an ongoing dialogue between ourselves and you, the client.